House Rules

Invention Vineyards is an artfully designed environment for those looking to explore and appreciate wine and winemaking in a setting of relaxed refinement.

Coming Soon

Beginning March 2nd, Invention Vineyards will be 21+, allow ADA Service Animals only, and cannot accommodate groups larger than six.

Guests and Members

Our house rules were carefully chosen to preserve and enhance the experience for our guests and Members

No outside food, drinks, or containers.

No smoking/vaping anywhere on the property.

No firearms.

TABC Safety Requirements

We care about the safety of our guests and expect our customers to drink responsibly and interact with decorum. Please keep these rules and procedures in mind at all times

By law, we can only sell two drinks per person at a time. To purchase an open bottle, there must be at least two people.

We do not allow minors.

Public intoxication is a crime in Texas, not just if you are driving.

If an individual or group arrives at the winery in a compromised state, they will not be allowed to enter. If we believe someone within a group is intoxicated or at risk of being intoxicated, we will ask the entire group to leave.

If your group is driving and there is no designated driver, please notify a staff member, and we will help arrange transportation.

Coming March 2, 2023

New additions to help cultivate a civilized oasis

21+ only (including no accompanying children or infants).

ADA Service dogs only.

Cannot accommodate groups larger than six unless prior exception has been made (special request form).

Patio seating and wine service is reserved for wine club Members and their guests.

No outside food, drinks or containers.

On weekends, all vehicles must fit in a single, standard parking space.

No party paraphernalia (matching t-shirts, boas, etc.).